Receiving, Delivery & Storage

Furniture Installation Team provides receiving, delivery and storage services. Order your furniture from any source. Have it shipped to our location. We’ll provide the storage until you’re ready for your new furniture; one phone call and your new furniture is delivered and installed.

All items received at our warehouse are thoroughly inspected upon arrival. Our knowledgeable staff understands the importance and timeliness of handling damaged items. We will assist in filing damage claims or arranging for repair of items and insure that the process is expedited to ensure that project delays are minimal.

FIT works with dealerships and interior designers throughout the Country. Our personable and professional staff is known for their ability to work with the customers and end users in office and home environments to ensure that a project is completed to everyone’s satisfaction.

Long term storage is also available for furniture. All items are prepared and protected to eliminate damage. FIT will keep track of your stored items with our inventory management and reporting services.